Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Pottytime for the POO CREW DAY 6 and 7

Day 6: 1/18/11, 1/19/11

"Sleeping Poopy" 
Beautiful turd. Good girth approximately 4 inches. Laid beautifully at the bottom of the bowl, it smiled at me. 

"Stoned Poo"
One log that split in half and it sunk to the bottom like the Titanic.

"The Bloody Pear"
After pushing twice I thought it was a false alarm then I felt some serious bal movement... I pushed as hard as I could it was so painful I bit down on my fist and gradually she made an easier exit. It reminded me of a pear both how it came out and when I looked at it the only thing missing was the stem. I wiped my ass and the TP was a bit bloody.

"Simple Sam"
There is nothing more enjoyable then just sitting down and just letting a hot one slip out.

"The assholes revenge"
As you can see these poops are back to back. The first was a beauty, this one has gotten it's payback on me. FUCK!

"The dump I never felt" 
After a hard day of legs at the gym it was impossible for me to sit on the bowl without feeling pain everywhere. I can't tell if I pooped already but my legs are killing me!  

The Shit List is finally starting to get good be sure to check tomorrow for some dirty dumps.

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